Keep your agency, just refocus on what you want and love to do.

We know how expensive it is to operate your own agency. So we want to minimize your expenses so you can concentrate on selling and growing. Other benefits include great earnings opportunities and travel perks and never having to worry about IATA filings, complex commission tabulations and supplier negotiations.

Top 5 Perks We Offer

1. Worry-free back-office services: No more IATA filings or calculating commissions. You have access to your numbers through our company intranet when you need it. Simple!

2. Free Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance: We cover all the costs associated with your E&O insurance. We have an extremely comprehensive master policy covering you and your agents that goes far beyond that of most policies. We care for you and we take it seriously.

3. Free Consortia and ACTA membership: Just being a part of Travel Masters, you will be immediately be enrolled with the largest travel consortium in North America. No membership or ongoing costs to your agency. For you, we will also provide you membership for ACTA and CLIA. We are already associated with ASTA. In short, we cover all the membership fees – immense savings for you.

4. Latest technology and software upgrades: You will have access to the latest software without having to pay the price tag. You will have full remote working capability, which means you and your team can work anywhere. Worry-free backup and up-to-date anti-virus systems ensure your work is always available and safe.

5. Benefits for you and your team
We provide a comprehensive education program for you and your team along with regular rewards, perks and celebrations.

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