You will have the freedom to your own agency with all the business, marketing, financial and industry support you could ask for.

Doing it all on your own incurs high operating charges – infrastructure, technology, phone services, accounting and the list continues. You don’t need to worry about those issues at Travel Masters. We will help you every step of the way to make your business a success.

Top commission contracts

Comprehensive education program for you and your team

Regular rewards, perks and celebrations for your staff

We do the complex commission calculations, you do simple bookkeeping

Free consortia membership, free ACTA membership

We don’t stop there. In addition to the savings from our bulk-buying programs and centralized ordering for promotional and branded items, we also cover all the costs associated with your Errors and Omissions Insurance. We have an extremely comprehensive master policy covering you and your agents that goes far beyond that of most policies.

We care and we take it seriously.

Let’s chat and you’ll see how easy it is to start your own Travel Masters agency!

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