Why our travel agents love being independent agents

Fri Feb 16, 2018

There is no time like the present to join the travel industry.

The travel industry is thriving and there is so much to sell. As one of the world’s fastest growing industries, travel is ever-changing and there is always something new. Improved ships, enriching entertainment and authentic experiences, it is no wonder that more people travel each year. You have the ability to¬†transform their dreams into reality as well as create priceless memories for their families and loved ones.

Why should you consider being an independent agent? We can list countless of reasons but here is why two of our agents, Amber Taylor and Anar Kanji decided to become independent agents.

Amber has been involved in the travel industry for over 15 years and joined Travel Masters Vancouver in 2013. Her most memorable trip was an Africa safari through Kenya and Tanzania and if she could spend a year abroad, she would spend it in Costa Rica where she would have champagne and waffles every morning.

1. Why did you become an independent Travel Agent?
I worked downtown for years. Once I had kids, that 6 am to 6 pm lifestyle with a 2 hour commute no longer worked for me and I needed more flexibility.

2. How has being an independent agent impacted your career and life goals?
I can direct my business in any way I want and it has opened up my time completely. I can set my own hours, I can work whenever I want to (or don’t want to) and I can spend more time with my family. I am actually busier than I have ever been without being in an office – but the flexibility is what makes it work.

3. How does Travel Masters support you as an independent agent?
The head office is prompt to answer my questions and help me out whenever I am in a jam. Their contracts are awesome and enable me to be the most profitable that I can be.

Anar joined Travel Masters Sechelt in 2011 after being involved in the travel industry in various capacities such as reservations, ticketing, airport and cargo. She specializes in corporate, group, family, cruises, spa and wellness travel.

1. Why did you become a Travel Agent?
I have been in the travel industry for 30 years and started my career working with an airline for 13 years. I have always enjoyed travel since my parents introduced me to it when I was 10 years old bringing me halfway around the world from Mombasa to Seychelles Island to India.

2. How has being an independent agent impacted your career and life goals?
I became an independent travel agent because this meant that I could work whenever I wanted to. My schedule is flexible and I can participate in extracurricular activities when I’m not as busy. I am my own boss meaning I work and play whenever I want to.

3. How does Travel Masters support you as an independent agent?
Travel Masters offers amazing service with technical questions. The staff is always willing and able to offer ideas as well as direct us to whatever we may have overlooked. Help is always there, even outside of office hours and they work very hard to make our lives easier. Technology and tools are always being improved in addition to helping us with our day to day needs.

Why should you join Travel Masters?
1. We offer the highest commissions contracts
2. Our in-house support team is here to support you with whatever you need
3. Our Runway education program ensures you are prepared for the marketplace
4. Our technology is always evolving ensuring you have the best technology available to support your business
5. We celebrate our travel agents with events, awards and exclusive fams.

We are always looking to expand our team whether new agents or new agencies.

Click HERE for our careers page.

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