Travel Masters Kelowna sees explosive 23% sales growth

Thu Nov 02, 2017

10 months after the acquisition of Mission Park Travel, Travel Masters Kelowna has been seeing a steady rise in sales numbers. They saw a sharp 23% sales growth in the first 3 months with numbers continuing to climb.

Since joining the Travel Masters brand on January 10 2017, the branch has been rapidly expanding. Not only has there been substantial sales growth, the team also continues to expand having added several agents so far this year. Gillian Taylor, previously from Sears Travel joins them this week as a new Senior Experience Specialist. This brings Travel Masters Kelowna up to 10 Experience Specialists, managed by Gina Kotsch.

A travel industry veteran, Gillian brings over 35 years of expertise to Travel Masters Kelowna. Not only has she worked as a travel agent all over Metro Vancouver, but she also has over 23 years of experience as a manager of a national travel company.

Originally from the UK, Gillian started her journey in the travel industry in Vancouver, BC as a junior travel consultant and assistant to the manager. She then went on to become a travel consultant at various agencies in Surrey, BC and eventually a branch manager. In 2016, Gina moved to Kelowna, BC where she continued further her experience and has joined Travel Masters Kelowna in 2017.

In addition to her experience within travel agencies, Gillian also had the opportunity to freelance making her a valuable and well-rounded addition to the Kelowna branch.

For more information about Travel Masters’ Kelowna location, call (250) 762-4400 or visit the agency’s website at


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