200 – 2678 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G3

Fee Structure

Basic Economy Premium Economy First Class
Business Phone X X *
Personalized Website X X
Access to Agent Rates X X X
Eligible for FAMS X X X
First set of business cards X – 250 cards X – 500 cards
Access to our cutting-edge remote server technology X X
Transition Help X X X
Commission Reporting Tool X X X
IATA Card *after minimum sales threshold X X X
Access to Extended Health Benefits X X X
Choice of GDS X X X

E & O Coverage

$2500 deductible

Member of Ensemble Consortia X X X
Access to Corporate Business Tools X X X
Day to Day Support X X X
Option to add team members X X
Customized Marketing (per year) 2 Hours 5 hours
Automated Email Marketing X X X
Social Media Support X X X
Free Social Media Content X X X
Social Media Take Over X
Travel Blog X
Social Media content library X X X
Mailchimp Account set up X X
Additional Marketing Content Creation $100 / hour $50 / hour $25 / hour
Travel Magazine Mailout (6 issues per year) X
eMatrix Email Marketing X
Regional Extraordinary Training X X X
Travel Masters Online Self Paced Runway Training X X X
Travel Masters Exclusive Webinars X X X
Customized Learning X
Invitation to Regional Extraordinary Conference (accommodations at your own cost) X X X
Access to Supplier training X X X
Registration to the International Ensemble Conference X
Invitation to Travel Masters Conference X X X
Earning Percentage 50% – 70% 70% – 85% 80% – 90%
Annual $100 $300 $1000









Additional team members

$65 per member


Additional team members

$65 per member


All prices are in CAD before taxes

*better model of phone

These fees are applicable for independent at home agents only