Top 6 Reasons to


Opportunities to earn more

We will help you gain new clients with personalized marketing solutions. Combine this with the highest commission contracts, and you have a powerful path to growing your income.

Opportunities to learn more

Learn what you want, with our customized learning opportunities. Want to learn from agents just like you? We offer an online social group connecting you with over 60+ agents

No fees for day to day support

We have a whole team of people dedicated to your success. Our in-house team of support experts provide comprehensive, wide ranging help about every aspect of your business and day-to-day questions.

Industry Leader in Commission

Independent agents earn between 70-85% on all sales no matter the supplier booked

 Work with the best technology available

Our cutting edge technology allows you to be able to work anywhere, anytime. We want our agents to work in the best environment available. If you would like to work from home or in an agency, we’ll make it work for you.

Events and annual awards given to top selling agents

We offer many company events where you can meet and connect with other agents. We also have annual awards given to top-selling agents where the winner in each category gets awarded an all-expenses paid VIP Trip.

Our People
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