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Welcoming Aaron Busch: Travel Masters’ New Accessible Travel Specialist

Aaaron Busch: Travel Master's New Accessible Travel Specialist

Traveling the world is a dream many of us share. But for some, the path to adventure is filled with unique challenges. This is where Aaron Busch steps in, our newest addition to the Vancouver team at Travel Masters. Aaron, who recently joined us as an accessible travel specialist, brings expertise, a personal understanding, and a passion for making travel accessible to all.

Aaron’s journey into accessible travel began long before he became a professional in the field in 2019. With over 20 years of experience traveling with a wheelchair, Aaron has navigated various destinations, gaining exceptional expertise in the Disney markets. 

Having visited Disney World at least a dozen times in the last decade, including the Kennedy Space Center, Universal, SeaWorld, and several cruises to Mexico, Aaron’s extensive travel experience also spans various locations across the United States. This wealth of experience makes him an invaluable resource for travelers looking to explore the world without limits, especially within North America.

Innovating Accessible Travel with Atyzi

In 2022, Aaron took a significant step towards revolutionizing accessible travel by co-founding Atyzi with his colleague Josh Werner. Atyzi assists in travel planning for wheelchair users and able-bodied users alike, not only by assisting them with their travel plans but also by offering a travel tool that a wheelchair user can use when traveling by air to help mitigate the risks that come with plane travel by wheelchair.

It’s the only travel tool of its kind on the Internet. Wheelchair users can create an account on Atyzi, securely write and record their own handling instructions for their mobility device, and then share that with Ramp Agents at the airport when they travel using a QR Code. It was built for wheelchair users by wheelchair users and is quickly gaining traction with a number of different local and international disability organizations.

Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Others

But Aaron’s expertise doesn’t stop at digital tools. His commitment to accessible travel extends to sharing his knowledge with others. Recently, he presented a virtual webinar on Accessible Travel for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, providing invaluable insights to those who face similar challenges. 

Looking ahead, Aaron will be delivering a physical presentation in Omaha this July, followed by a virtual webinar for ConnecTra in Vancouver, continuing his mission to educate and inspire.

A Collaborative Effort

Aaron is not working alone on this mission. The development of the website for people with disabilities, run by people with disabilities, is a collective effort. Alongside Aaron, we have Chase Baker, Josh Werner, Paisley Boutte, and Jeff Bourne. 

Although they aren’t part of Travel Masters, their dedication and hard work are crucial to building a platform that empowers disabled travelers. This team’s combined experiences and insights ensure that the website truly addresses the needs and challenges faced by travelers with disabilities.

At Travel Masters, we believe that wheelchair travel shouldn’t be a daunting endeavor. We are more equipped than ever to assist you in making your travel dreams a reality. Whether you’re yearning for a magical Disney vacation, seeking the tranquility of an all-inclusive resort, or planning a seamless wheelchair-friendly flight, Aaron’s experience and Atyzi’s innovative solutions will ensure your journey is accessible and enjoyable for both able-bodied individuals and people with disabilities.

Join us in welcoming Aaron Busch to the Travel Masters family. Together, let’s make the world accessible for everyone.

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