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Your Unlimited Potential

Travel is a trendy subject for so many people around the world. Travel Agents aren’t the only people obsessed with it.
More and more people around the globe are becoming memorized with travel.  As a travel professional, you are one of the lucky ones that get to eat, breathe, and sleep this fantastic subject and help others travel.  You get to help with the good stuff!

There is a shift in the travel market.  The change is happening on two sides
One side: Travellers are not just doing the prepackaged trips anymore.  Travellers are looking for the help of you, the travel professional, for guidance and recommendations. Travellers are understanding the importance of what you do and know that you will be there when they need you.  Travellers are also re-discovering the value of dealing with a person and the importance of getting good customer service.

Another side: There is a stat that is insightful to understand the other shift that is happening:  80% of the current travel agents will be retired in the next ten or so years.
What does this mean? More people want to use the services of a travel agent, and fewer and fewer travel agents. HELLO SUCCESS!!!

So you have an opportunity to reap the benefits of these two very beneficial shifts.


1) Stay focused.  You need to remain focused on your goals at all time.

2) Understand your story.  People are looking to understand the story of why they should do business with you.  Your story has to start with you.  When someone asks you the questions: “Why should I book with you?”  You need to know and believe in the reasons you should be supported by them and other clients.

3) Be knowledgeable.  You must be able to give your clients the insider information that they are looking for above and beyond what they can find our online.   You must be an expert!  So, you should participate in all the continued education that you can to ensure you are up to date and informed.  If you receive an inquiry from someone on a product you are uneducated on, allow your time for training due diligence to make sure you can offer them some

4) Make yourself visible in your community.   Being active in your community will help you promote your business.   The more connected you are to your community, the more likely those community members will help support you.

5) Align yourself with the people, agency, and suppliers that are going to help you maximize your unlimited potential.

6) Don’t give up.  No matter the lulls, no matter the difficult situations or conversations, no matter the pitfall of this fantastic industry, the trick is never to give up.  Do what you can when you can.  Be honest and empathetic and CARE about your clients.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the travel industry.  We want to help all our agents tap into their unlimited potential.

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